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Rainbow Maids Services, we pride ourselves on being the most reliable, high quality home cleaning, babysitting, housekeeping, nannying, elderly caring, cooking, pet-sitting, household managing and driving services in Egypt and abroad.  We are committed to providing the best value for money in the industry. Let us do the messy work for you so you can spend more time doing what you love.

Sunrise Service Office has been proved its reliability in last years and now with more exciting and enthusiastic team we are ready to serve you at anytime. Your problem is ours. Our team is professionally trained in analyzing your requirements and fulfilling them at minimum cost.

Our Maid Nanny Services

For job placement and recruiting of experienced , honest , reliable and dependable Nannies , Babysitters , Aupairs,Housekeepers,Cleaners,Cooks,Care Givers,Elderly Carers,Pet sitters, Household Managers ,General Labourers and Drivers in Egypt and the Middle East both live in or out from Africa ( Sudan ,Ethiopia,Eritrea, Nigeria,Ghana,Kenya , Uganda ,Guinea,Djbouti,Somalia & Ivory Coast ) and Asia ( Sri lanka ,Philippine & Indonesia )..